Litigation. QuisLex provides litigation services focusing on document review and related aspects of electronic discovery to our Global and Fortune 500 corporate and Am Law 100 and Magic Circle law firm clients. We have successfully executed large-scale and complex document reviews and have reviewed over three billion pages in a wide variety of matters and industries, including the financial services, pharmaceuticals, insurance, oil and gas, high technology, telecommunications and automotive industries.

Given the urgent nature of most document reviews, we often have very short time frames to become operational. Because our processes are standardized, we can quickly initiate a project of almost any size and smoothly adapt it for a specific subject matter and review platform on short notice, without sacrificing quality.

During the initial stages of a project, we work closely with outside counsel to establish the framework for a successful engagement. Among other best practices, we work with the law firm to:

  • initiate project kick-off calls and project-specific training
  • assist in Early Data Assessments and search term validations to better understand the documents and minimize both risk and cost
  • design a workflow that takes into account the law firm’s preferences and the requirements of the project and integrates them into our processes
  • customize our quality and productivity reports and create a reporting schedule that ensures transparency into the review
  • perform calibration exercises to make sure our responses are consistent

Throughout the review, we stay in constant communication with the law firm and continuously obtain and apply their feedback. In addition to incorporating the client’s direct feedback, we monitor the law firm’s changes to our coding to better understand their approach to the review. On a daily basis, we raise substantive queries to the client, provide status reports and send summaries and compilations of hot documents the team identified.

Our execution and delivery is further enhanced by the involvement of our dedicated Quality Team comprised of Master Black Belts, Black Belts and Quality Analysts whose sole function in the company is to monitor and improve the quality of the work product we deliver, at no additional cost to our clients. This team serves as an independent check on every one of our projects and contributes significantly to our industry leadership. Our Six Sigma rigor and the expertise of our Quality Team allow us to execute projects on shorter time frames and with a higher degree of quality and budget certainty.

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Clients can also take comfort in knowing that any QuisLex litigation project will be protected by the highest levels of security. All litigation and similarly sensitive projects are subject to Level 1 (L1) security, which involves a dedicated project area with a security guard posted at the entrance and dual access key card control. No cell phones, cameras or other electronic devices are allowed into the project area, and no paper can leave the area without explicit management approval. Access to the facility and to secure areas within the facility (server room, project rooms, etc.) is provided on a need-only basis, all access to the premises and L1 project rooms is logged, and logs are reviewed on a regular basis by the physical security team.

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