About Us
  • Company Overview

    Company Overview

    QuisLex is an award-winning legal services provider that specializes in delivering the benefits of operational excellence, process rigor, and measurable quality to large-scale, complex legal work, leading to an unmatched combination of quality and cost-effectiveness.

    Since its founding in 2004, QuisLex has been a pioneer in the legal services industry. Delivering expertise and innovation in managed document review, contract and compliance management, legal spend management, and legal operations, we have consistently solved the challenges of resource constraints, cost management, flexibility, and scale for our corporate and law firm clients.

    How We Get It Done

    The Result: Measurable Quality, Efficiency, and Risk Management

    The QuisLex value proposition is uniquely focused on quality, with practically everything we do aimed at improving efficiency, eliminating mistakes, and minimizing rework. Our clients reap the long-term benefits of this investment in people, process, and technology in quality of deliverables and cost advantages. Simply put, talented employees - properly nurtured, developed, and incentivized - operating within a process oriented environment and correctly leveraging cutting edge technology leads to consistent, unmatched results.


  • Leadership Team

    Leadership Team

    QuisLex is led by executives whose careers have been at the intersection of law, quality, consulting, and information security for the greater part of two decades. Taking the professionalism, client focus, training practices, and ethics of top global legal departments and law firms, we have combined these attributes with process expertise and technological savvy to create a truly unique and unrivaled managed legal services provider.

    Ram Vasudevan
    Chief Executive Officer
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    Sirisha Gummaregula
    Chief Operating Officer
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    Michel Sahyoun
    Chief Technology Officer
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    Joseph Polizzotto
    Senior Vice President, Strategy & Client Services
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    David Klein
    Vice President, General Counsel
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    Robert Coppola
    Vice President, Legal Solutions and Strategic Growth
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    Andrew Goodman
    Associate Vice President, Legal Solutions
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    Sailaja Meesaraganda
    Associate Vice President, Client Solutions
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    Chase D’Agostino
    Associate Vice President, Corporate Solutions and Strategic Growth
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    Steven Rudnick
    Director, Legal Spend Management
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    Meena Heath
    Chief Marketing Officer
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    Julie Maeir
    Director, Human Resources
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  • Operations Centers

    Operations Centers

    QuisLex’s state-of-the-art operations centers are tailored specifically to our managed services and include the latest security features.

    Each of these facilities also possesses the necessary communication capabilities and protocols to ensure that the remote provision of legal support services, regardless of location or time, is completed as seamlessly and securely as possible, including secure servers, video conferencing, comprehensive 24/7 IT support and state-of-the-art audited security controls.


    Hyderabad Operations Center

    Our Hyderabad location accommodates more than 1,000 full-time employees and is uniquely scalable. Home to QuisLex’s core operational groups and various teams of specialists, the Hyderabad execution center has served as the base for hundreds of successful client engagements.