Contract Lifecycle Management

Good business decisions are supported by data, and that data often resides in an organization’s contracts. We provide process and technology-enabled contract lifecycle management (CLM) to drive those decisions while controlling costs and mitigating risk.
What QuisLex Does

Our CLM experts design processes, build templates and help design technology implementations that minimize burdens on in-house legal teams.


Clients trust our award-winning approach to managing contracts of all types, ranging from simple NDAs to extremely complex corporate and financial agreements.


Our project teams track, collect and report on a wide variety of key metrics that support business decisions, identify trends, and mitigate risk.

The Value QuisLex Provides

QuisLex’s highly experienced, cost-efficient lawyers are supported by award-winning processes, designed to leverage templates and contracting playbooks. Our tech-agnostic experts provide advice on what systems (if any) would best support our people and processes. Find more details here.

Deep Experience
Our experienced teams have reviewed and managed contracts in a variety of industries representing more than $10 billion in sales and procurement agreements.
Integrated Technology
We incorporate leading technologies, including artificial intelligence tools and contract management systems, to drive efficiencies and automate processes.
We use artificial intelligence to automatically abstract relevant provisions that are then reviewed by cost efficient lawyers inside a meticulously designed and validated Six Sigma workflow.
Actionable Analytics
We track and report on a variety of metrics including contract status, cycle times, volumes, provisions frequently negotiated, use of non-standard provisions and many other KPIs.
CLM Consulting
Our expertise in CLM technology allows us to optimize system design and accelerate implementation by maximizing out-of-the-box functionality and avoiding customization or over-configuration.
NDA Support
Our award-winning NDA solution can be up and running in days and includes smart intake forms and AI-assisted first-pass markup review.
Contract Analysis
We organize contracts and extract information into reports and dashboards to enable data-driven business decisions for M&A, regulatory events or risk analysis. The same functionality can be used to support CLM system migrations.
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Related Services

Contract Lifecycle Management

QuisLex’s contract lifecycle management builds a holistic approach to each step of the contract process, from an initial request to closure and archival. This streamlines the creation, management, and archiving of contracts to manage risk and reduce the likelihood of errors or non-compliance to benefit your entire company.

Non-Disclosure Agreements

Our people, process and technology expedite the creation and review of non-disclosure agreements. We can review your drafts in progress or existing NDAs to identify any areas of concern or updates.

Contract Abstraction

QuisLex helps structure contract data so legal teams can work more efficiently and effectively. Using a proactive approach and our technological expertise, we make it easier for companies to manage their contractual relationships while simplifying execution, compliance and agreement renewals or closures.


Contract Negotiation

QuisLex contract lifecycle management (CLM) services include the ability to carry out negotiations based on your company’s existing playbook, provide custom templates or advise you on strategy as needed.

Contract Review

Working as an extension of your in-house legal department, QuisLex experts can review each contractual agreement to ensure it conforms to your standards. Our review services ensure fewer variances from contractual standards and shorter, less complicated negotiation cycles.

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