Managed Document Review


Document review and analysis for investigations, litigations, and compliance reviews

Document review continues to be among the most expensive and challenging aspects of discovery – particularly in complex and large-scale matters. With constantly evolving technologies, modes of communication, continually increasing data types and volumes, managed review requires more than just AI-enabled technology. Significant cross-functional expertise is requisite. Clients consistently call on QuisLex to deliver that expertise.


Leading technology, search, linguistics, and subject matter expertise to prioritize review workflows, reduce data volumes, and quickly provide clients enhanced insight into matter issues, facts, and trends.

Project Management

Dynamically scalable end-to-end project management covering all aspects of review including workflow design, staffing, training and knowledge transfer, quality management, administrative support, and reporting.

Multi-Disciplinary Talent

Project managers, process experts, linguists, technologists, programmers, and statisticians support the most highly trained and motivated reviewers in the industry operating within a high-performance ecosystem.

Technological Expertise

Leveraging deep proficiency with AI-based technologies and leading document review platforms, QuisLex performs comprehensive matter-specific technology assessments and implementations that enable clients to better evaluate costs and benefits.

Process Rigor

Patented quality management processes based on Lean and Six Sigma disciplines designed specifically for document review delivers risk mitigation, cost avoidance, and more predictable outcomes.

QuisLex Areas of Expertise

  • Complex Issue Coding
  • Managing coding, privilege, and productions for MDL and Joint Defense Groups
  • Early Case Assessment
  • Review Platform and Workflow Management
  • Search Term Analysis
  • Audio, Instant Message, and Chat Review
  • Redactions
  • Multi-Language Review
  • Privilege Review and Log Creation
  • Post-Review Fact Analysis
  • Audit Trails & Defensibility Analysis

QuisLex is proud to have received the following awards and acknowledgments for managed document review:

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