Legal Operations

Strategic planning and execution for companies intent on running their legal
departments like a business.

The importance of legal operations continues to grow as legal departments look to optimize legal service delivery and business insight. QuisLex provides cost-effective support in a variety of areas to help you manage your legal department more like a business.


Metrics and Reports

Maintain metrics on legal department personnel and KPIs within and across projects. Analyze data and advise on how to direct legal spend to achieve the more effective results.

Vendor Cost Management & e-Billing Support

From creating matters and tracking KPIs to onboarding law firms, benchmarking law firm rates, and managing accruals and budgeting processes.

Knowledge Management

Maintain knowledge repositories, policies, templates and playbooks no matter where legal and business information is stored.

Professional Development Programs

Drive completion of training, CLE programs, mentorship and rotational programs.

Technology Support

Assist with legal technology selection and optimization, beta test cutting-edge technologies, and design and support implementation programs and schedules

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Legal Operations

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